Thursday, September 3, 2015

La agenda de miércoles, el 20 de enero (1/20/16)

WELCOME EVERYONE!!!    I am so excited to have you in Spanish class!   

Hola, y ¡bienvenidos a la clase de español! ¡Aquí está la presentación que usamos de hoy!  (Here's the presentation we used today!!)

Today in class, we...
  • Filled out the ‘¿Quién eres tú?' sheet.
    • Every student answered questions about him or herself, his or her interests, and let Ms. Williams know a little bit about him or herself.
  • Chose Spanish names from the Goldenrod sheet!
    • Here is a link to that sheet if you did not get one!
    • We chose names so we can use these cognates, or the Spanish equivalents of our given names, to keep speaking in Spanish whenever we can!
  • We learned the ¡aplausos de atención!
    • The 5 clap rhythm = hands free, mouths closed, eyes on me, and brain ready to listen!
  • We talked about the JUEGO DE BEISBOL!
    • Baseball is extremely popular, especially in Puerto Rico, and the Latin American countries of the Caribbean (like Cuba and the Dominican Republic)!
      • So, we're going to play, too!
      • We're ALL ON THE SAME TEAM, however, in Spanish class.
    • 3 outs = no more tries that day!
      • Doing awesome stuff in class = 1 base
      • 4 bases = 1 home run = 1 point that day/inning!
      • 3 strikes = 1 out
    • Plus, there are only 6 innings, so we can potentially earn PAT every 7 days!
    • AAAND
  • We checked out the CLASS BLOG
    • You found it, 'cause here you are!!

La tarea, or the HOMEWORK:  Fill out the “¿Quién eres tú? ” Survey completely.  Make sure to bring everything back tomorrow!

¡Nos vemos mañana!!

¡Gracias por leer todo!  ¡Chócamela!

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