Thursday, March 24, 2016

La agenda de martes y miércoles, el 22 y 23 de marzo

¡Hola hola, clase!  It's QUIZ DAY!!  ¡Aquí está la presentación de hoy (y ayer)!

  • Calentamiento
    • Make sure there’s nothing on your desk except for a PENCIL or other WRITING UTENSIL!
  • Quiz expectations:
    • PLEASE make sure that EVERYONE HAS THE CHANCE to do their best on this quiz.
    • To make sure, HERE ARE MY EXPECTATIONS:
      • if you need to get up, PLEASE RAISE YOUR HAND FIRST. Ms. Williams can come get your pencil; just raise your hand!!  
      • KEEP YOUR HANDS AND FACE INSIDE YOUR OWN SPACE -- make sure you use the folder dividers!
      • Other than that, there is ABSOLUTELY NO TALKING -- please keep it as silent as possible!
        • YOU MAY ONLY GET UP WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED - and even then, try not to make noise out of respect for others!
    • If you finish early:
      • Please go through and check your: 
        • Capitalization
        • Punctuation ( ¡ ! ¿? . )
        • SPELLING
        • Accents
      • Use different parts of the test to help you with things you forgot!!
      • Then, if you’re completely finished, you may turn in your quiz at the front.
    • Get your vocabulary sheet & FILL IT IN with the English!
      • tú → you (friendly) usted → you (formal)
      • eres → YOU (tú) ARE   No eres → you are NOT    no es → he/she is not
    • LABEL which words/sections  YOU KNOW (√), need to  practice spelling (SP) and DON’T KNOW (??)
      • Circle the  words you would use to describe yourself. 
    • FLIP OVER YOUR VOCAB → write on the blank side
      • Please write 3-5 sentences that say “I am ---.” and 1-2 sentences that say “I am NOT  ---.” IN SPANISH!
      • I am = Yo soy _____o/a.    I am NOT = Yo no soy...
    • Then, get the OTHER sheet that's on the back table!

LA TAREA (written in your SAM) --   SAM: Complete your vocab!  I’ll check it tomorrow OR when you see me again (next rotation)!

ALSO, be sure to do any missing work and turn it in!!


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