Sunday, January 31, 2016

La agenda de lunes, el 25 de enero: ¡Día 4!

¡Hola hola, clase! Here's the presentation we used today!!

Here's the agenda for today:
    • Please take out your NOTEBOOKS and go to a new page!  
      • Title the page  “Calentamiento.”   This is the first day we will be doing our Warm up!
    • Also, Get out your ABC notes!
      • Write today’s date:  el 25 de enero, 2016
    • Then, please write down and answer the following question:
      • HOW DO YOU SPELL YOUR (SPANISH) NAME?___, ___, ____, ___…
      • (Please write the SPANISH names of the letters out!  CON ACENTO = w/ an accent)
  • Diálogo
    • Once you have written down how to spell your name using the Spanish names for the letters, please turn to your partner and tell him/her!
      • Say the letters out loud!!
  • Rolling our "R"s
    • If you can’t roll your R, DON’T WORRY!!
    • Instead, watch (and practice along) with this video!!
  • THEN: let's practice the ALPHABET!!
    • This is call and response, so I will sing a few letters, and you will need to sing it back!
      • If you want to speak the letters, that’s okay, but 
      • you need to make sound with your mouth in order to actually get the benefit of practicing!!  
    • If you don’t practice with us, you can do it on your own! 
  • First VOCABULARY sheet!
    • Please use the rest of the hour to fill in the sheet that has blanks on it!
    • FIRST:   Take 5 minutes to LOOK OVER THE NEW WORDS!
      • Which ones do you know?
        • Fill them in! Label what you know!
    • Then, label:
      • ** (whole section) → STUDY → ???
      • SP → study how to spell this
      • I know this!!   → √ or :D!

    La tarea, or the HOMEWORK: FINISH FILLING OUT THE Vocab Sheet!!

    Also, please make sure your adult has the Family Letter -- it’s due back to Ms. Williams TOMORROW!

    ¡Nos vemos mañana!!

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