Sunday, January 31, 2016

La agenda de viernes, el 29 de enero - ¡FIESTA!!

¡Hola hola, clase! HAPPY FRIDAY!!  Here's the presentation we used today!!

Here's the agenda for today:
  • First, let's check off your assignments!
    • Please take out your PROOF YOU STUDIED!
      • Also, take out PARENT LETTERS and/or SYLLABUS sheets if you haven’t turned them in yet!!
  • Before we get a snack and talk about CARNAVAL, check that you have:
    • filled in and given Ms. Williams your SURVEY
    • turned in your signed back page of the SYLLABUS
    • completed and showed Ms. Williams your ALPHABET NOTES
    • had a parent or guardian write and send a LETTER about you!
    • filled out your VOCABULARY sheet
    • created physical PROOF YOU STUDIED
    • Get any NOTES or extra copies you need!!
    • If you want to CHECK YOUR GRADES, you can ask to get an iPad!
  • A little background about Carnaval
    • Carnival, or Carnaval, is a festive season, which occurs immediately before Lent. 
      • It typically involves a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus, mask and public street party.  
      • It’s traditionally held in areas with a large Catholic population.
    • Traditionally during Lent, the six weeks directly before Easter, no parties or other celebrations were held, and people refrained from eating rich foods, such as meat, dairy, fats and sugar. 
      • In the days before Lent, all rich food and drink had to be disposed of, so people threw a big party with the whole community to finish all of it. 
      • This is thought to be the origin of Carnival!  
    • The exact origin of the name "Carnival" is disputed, but some state that the word comes from the Late Latin expression “carne vale”, which means "farewell to meat."
  • ¡Comemos y miramos los videos!
    • First, make sure you have created PROOF THAT YOU STUDIED!!
      • If you’re done with that, you can ask to GET AN iPAD from Ms. Williams!
    • GRADE REPORTS get printed MONDAY MORNING.  Check your grade!!
      • Open Safari, and go to the STUDENT PORTAL and check your grades!  
    • Then, you can PLAY GAMES at!
La tarea, or the HOMEWORK: CATCH UP!!

Make sure you have everything done, ESPECIALLY PHYSICAL proof you studied!!

  • Finish up your flashcards!!   OR
  • Signed note from an adult saying you studied

¡Nos vemos!

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