Sunday, January 31, 2016

La agenda de miércoles, el 27 de enero: ¡Día 6!

¡Hola hola, clase! Here's the presentation we used today!!

Here's the agenda for today:
  • ¡CALENTAMIENTO! (Warm up!)
    • Please take out your SAMs, NOTEBOOKS, & vocab!
    • Please go to your “Calentamiento” page!
      • Write today’s date:  el 27 de enero
    • Then, using your sheets from yesterday, please write down and answer the following questions:
      • ¿Qué día es hoy? 
      • ¿Cuál es la fecha?
      • ¿Cómo estás?
    • It should look like this: el 27 de enero, 2016
      • Calentamiento
      • ¿Qué día es hoy?    → What day is today?
        • Hoy es miércoles.  → Today is Weds.
      • ¿Cuál es la fecha?  → What is the date?
        • Es el veinte y siete de enero, 2016.
        • (dos mil, diez y seis)
      • ¿Cómo estás? → How are you?
    • Yo estoy → I am... 
    •  triste→ sad
    • más o menos→ more or less (OK)
    • así así→ so-so (ok)
    • bien → good
    • feliz → HAPPY
    • muy bien → very good
    • mal→ bad 
    • enojado/a→ angry
    • enfermo/a→ sick
    • regular → regular
    • cansado/a→ tired
    • embarazoso/a or desgarbado/a → awkward   
    • ridículo/a  → silly
    • Yo tengo hambre.  **(DIFFERENT) → hungry  (Literally: I have hunger.)
  • Then, take out your VOCABULARY!
    • If you haven’t yet, please label each section or each word:
      • What you already know (with a √ or :) is just fine!)
      • What you remember but need to review (**)
      • If you just need to work on SPELLING, you can write SP
      • What you haven’t learned or don’t remember learning (use a ?? or other symbol) 
    • We will be focusing on:
      • to greet someone
      • to say the date
      • to ask and tell how someone is 
      • to say goodbye
        • ***SKIP: to tell time
      • to ask for help
  • Tarjetas de FLASH
    • In order to make sure you learn the new vocabulary words for each new unit, we will need to make flash cards for any words/sentences/phrases you don’t know.
      • This is your first time making flash cards, so you will have a bit of time in class to create them.
    • The recommended way to make flash cards is to write the ENGLISH version of a word on one side, and then FLIP THE CARD OVER to write SPANISH version of the SAME WORD on the other side!
    • Once you are DONE creating your flashcards, You may CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!!
      • You can work with a partner to go over your flashcards and practice learning and using the words!
      • You can work on an EXTENDED packet to help expand your vocabulary!
      • Si ya hablas español
      • OR, you may ask Ms. Williams to get an iPad!
      • GET A SPECIFIC NUMBER!!When you get your iPAD, please go to:
        • Choose if you want to use the QUIZLET or GAMES
        • Don't forget to click on the "Games" tab!

La tarea, or the HOMEWORK: Do both sides of the VOCAB sheet!!
+ Finish up your flashcards!!

Please don't forget to BRING BACK your FLASHCARDS tomorrow!!

¡Nos vemos mañana!!

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