Sunday, January 31, 2016

La agenda de martes, el 26 de enero: ¡Día 5!

¡Hola hola, clase! Here's the presentation we used today!!

Here's the agenda for today:
    • Please take out  your FAMILY LETTERS!  
    • Then, take out your VOCAB sheets from YESTERDAY, and take about 10 minutes to keep filling them in!!
  • Priorities for work time:
    • Write down the English equivalent for every word!
    • LABEL all of the words/sections:
      • What you already know (with a √ or :D!)
      • What you remember but need to review (**)
      • If you just need to work on SPELLING: SP
      • What you haven’t learned or don’t remember learning (use a ?? or other symbol)
    • Then, think of what you need to practice!
  • La clase perfecta
    • Please put the Vocabulary Sheet in the Spanish section of your binder.  
      • It’s pretty important so I recommend you write IMPORTANT in the top right hand corner, and KEEP it.
    • Once that’s away, take the NEW sheet and please answer all of the questions.
      • Don’t forget to write your name and class period!!
    • You may circle/write as many different things as you need to answer completely!
  • Let's discuss!
    • In your group of four: 
    • Please choose a:
      • SCRIBE (one person will write down the big ideas/main points that the group makes)
      • FACILITATOR (one person to lead the discussion and keep everyone involved)
      • REPORTER (one person to report out the scribe’s written information), and 
      • TIME KEEPER (one person to keep track of time and keep everyone on task!)
    • Then, at your table, please discuss:
      • What would the perfect Spanish class LOOK like, in your group’s opinion?  In the perfect Spanish class, what would everyone - students, teacher - be doing? 
      • What actions do you think we need to take, or rules do we need to follow, to get as close as we can to this being the perfect Spanish class? 
    • You have 8 minutes to draw up the PERFECT set of rules for your PERFECT Spanish classroom.
  • Group report-outs!
    • Now, let’s create the rules!
    • REPORTERS, please report out!!   What do you think the rules should be in here to make this the PERFECT Spanish classroom?
      • What are you willing to do?
      • What aren’t you willing to do?
    • One person at a time - Step up, step back - be willing to sit with discomfort/unwelcome ideas for a bit!
La tarea, or the HOMEWORK: is to CATCH UP!
Make sure you have turned in your: 

  • signed syllabus
  • survey about yourself
  • perfect Spanish class sheet from today!
  • And that you showed Ms. Williams your:
  • Alfabeto Packet
  • Vocab Sheet filled in

¡Nos vemos mañana!!

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